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"I promise that you will be quickly won over by this trio's creativity, musical sensitivity and extremely high instrumental level. Trio Affekti is capable of presenting extremely engaging interpretations of virtually unknown works originally written for Violin, Piano and Saxophone as well as making meticulous, intelligent and illuminating transcriptions of trios originally written for other instruments. They are at once very faithful to the score and tremendously communicative on stage"

- Jonathan Brown , Cuarteto Casals

    Trio Affekti, founded by three musicians from three different countries who met and studied in Köln, Germany, is an extraordinary ensemble of a violin, saxophone and piano. Don’t be fooled of the trios unconventional combination of instruments, for Trio Affekti is an interpretator of the classical genre. Not only that by combining the three instruments groups they can create a common sound unheard of by the great audiences, their repertoire consists of such known giants of the classical music world  as J.Brahms and M.Bruch to more rarely heard, equally fascinating composers like Marc Eychenne, Walter Hartley or Jan Henrik van Damm to name a few who have written beautiful pieces for this combination of instruments, in our times and before. 


The goal of the trio is not to force the unconventional combination to every piece of music, but to experiment with the possibilities of each piece of music, wether the sound world originally created could match the possibilities of the ensemble. On the other hand, the trio finds it intriguing to get to know composers, old and new, whose ideas are less know and where the so called “traditions” have not yet put their mark on each piece of music. This allows the musicians to grow in their profession in yet another way and to expand their horizons. 


Trio Affekti has had the exceptional privilege to study a chamber music master in the Musikhochshcule Köln, and are having their final concert in the winter 2018/-19. There their teachers have been Prof. Harald Schoneweg and Prof. Anthony Spiri. In addition, the Trio very much enjoyed the regular coaching from the Cuarteto Casals. Trio Affekti has performed live in WDR3, Beethoven Fest Bonn, won the first prize in the international chamber music competition of the Musikhochschule Köln and received a scholarship of concerts from the Dörken foundation.